The two of us had to fill 2,000 orders on that day

Last week, I was laboring at the factory and all of us had a immense problem.

I have been employed at the factory for the past 10 years and I have never had a complication reaching our quota.

The two of us are supposed to fill 2,000 orders every single day. These orders include a number of items that are used in iron work. The two of us make rebar wire ties, tie wire, and forming wire. The two of us have 14 gauge, 16 gauge, and 18 gauge options. The two of us offer all of our wire ties in galvanized, PVC coated, plastic coated, zinc, and stainless steel varieties. In order to fill all of the orders for tie wire and wire ties, all of us have to run production 6 out of 8 hours while I was in our shift. The whole plant shuts down when all of us have lunch and production stops when all of us take a cut in the afternoon and a cut in the day. There has never been a time when production had to stop for more than an hour until last week. Last week all of us were running 16 gauge plastic coated rebar wire ties through the unit and something got stuck. One of the mechanics in charge of fixing the unit was on vacation and the other girl was out covid. The two of us were supposed to fill 2,000 orders that day, but all of us ended up shutting the whole plant down 2 hours early because there wasn’t a single lady that could figure out how to repair the broken down machine. Thankfully, I get paid for the full numerous hour work shift.

Zinc coated Double loop rebar ties