I met the guys after work for some fishing

My friends and I love to go fishing.

One of the best times of the day to catch fish is during the morning hours.

When the sun is coming up, the fish really like to bite hard. I haven’t had a lot of time for fishing during the last couple of months, because I have been working the night shift at the plant. The air conditioner broke down a few months ago and the owners won’t fix the problem. It’s a lot cooler on night shift, so I switched my schedule. My boss didn’t mind me moving to the night shift, because there aren’t that many people that actually want to work at that time. I certainly don’t mind working at night due to the temperatures. On the night shift, I am usually in charge of the machine that handles double loop rebar ties. These wire ties are made by the thousands. There is a lot of heat and humidity inside of the plant. The factory creates a number of products that help to create infrastructure. We make rebar tie wire, tie wire coils, forming wire, and rod wire. We also make double loop wire ties in stainless steel, black annealed, PVC, and galvanized options. All of the products that we use are made in the USA. I usually have to work until 7 a.m., but on Monday morning one of the machines broke down and I got out early at 5. I called my friends and we went fishing for a couple of hours before I had to go home and go to sleep.

14 gauge double loop ties