The guys forgot the pvc coated rebar wire ties at the shop

The entire crew lost half of a day due to the forgetfulness of the crew

Business has been extremely successful and very busy this spring. I have installed nearly a dozen pools over the last quarter. I don’t regularly have more than four or five full-time employees, so I had to hire a few part time workers to help with the installation jobs. I was working with a crew of men and women on a job on the west side of town. I also had a separate crew of guys working at a job on the beach. I had one of my full-time employees working with the guys. I reminded everyone to grab all of the supplies that they needed for the concrete work before they left the shop. I had all of the rebar and PVC coated wire ties set up in a pile outside of the shop. The supplies for my job or marked in the supplies for that job were also marked. Somehow, the guys forgot that PVC coated rebar wire ties at the shop. They drove all the way to the beach before they realized that they did not have the supplies in their truck. I honestly don’t know how the employees managed to drive 45 minutes to the other side of town before they remembered the PVC coated rebar wire ties. The entire crew lost half of a day due to the forgetfulness of the crew. The homeowner wasn’t very happy about the delays and neither was I. I docked every one of the employees 2 hours pay for the driving time there and back. I can’t have that type of problem happening every time the guys leave the shop.


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