I ordered a few supplies from the new company

I have been looking for lots of ways to save money ever since the quarantine.

I was out of work for 3 months and I had to use all of the money in my savings account.

After I went back to working full-time, I decided to look for a new supplier for all of my rebar and rebar wire tie supplies. My old supplier is doing a great job supplying me with everything that I need to get the job done, but they recently sent me an email to tell me that prices were going to be 4 per cent higher at the beginning of the year. 4% is a huge increase for me, especially when the prices on everything else are also raising. When I got the email from the old supplier, I decided it was time to look for a new company. I searched the internet to find a company That specifically had the items that I needed like 19 gauge black annealed rebar tie wire. I specifically use 16 and 19 gauge black and the old rebar tie wire. I had to get a better price than I was paying on those two items in order to make the move to a different company. I contacted many different suppliers. The companies were happy to put me in touch with a sales person when they found out that I owned a company. I found a place that had all of the items that I needed and they were very easy to order online. The best part about the deal was the fact that the prices on 16 and 19 gauge black and the old rebar tie wire were actually 2% less than I was originally paying.

16g black annealed rebar tie wire