I got a discount last month for being there a year

It’s nice to find a company that can handle all of my orders in a timely manner. I’ve been with the same processing and shipping company for the last year. I didn’t know that it had actually been a year until I received an email from the company. The email was handwritten from one of the management executives. It was a thank you note for 1 year of service. Inside of the email was a promotion code to receive 5% off of my next order. The coupon did not have an expiration date. The next time I was going to order from the company, I decided to go through all of my stock. I went through every single one of the supplies that I used as an ironworker. If I was going to receive 5% off of the whole order, I wanted to be certain that I was going to get all of the ironworker supplies that I needed. I specifically decided to purchase 16 and 18 gauge double loop wire ties in both the stainless steel and galvanized varieties. The double loop wire ties were already on sale and the additional 5% savings made them cheaper than any place else that I have ever seen double loop wire ties. I also ordered a couple of other items that were on sale. I didn’t have any trouble ordering online and there were no problems when I tried to use the promo code. The sales prices came off of the items and the 5% was off of the total. I saved a lot of money on the 16 and 18 gauge double loop wire ties.
14 gauge double loop rebar ties