I like watching the construction workers from the windows of my home office

PVC epoxy coated rebar tie wire is used to prevent corrosion from moisture exposure

I knew I wanted a home office in my eventual house someday, but it’s hard to realize that dream when you live in cramped studio apartments out of financial necessity. And being a homeowner felt out of the question during my previous predicament, but that soon changed when I transitioned to a different industry and landed a dream job. Suddenly I was making more money than I had ever touched in my entire life. That’s when I started saving money like my life depended on it. It wasn’t nearly as hard as I initially worried because my expenses during the week were always minimal. I don’t even go out and drink with friends, so that’s a huge expense that never affects me while remaining a huge chunk of most of my friends’ budgets. After a few years, I finally had enough money for a downpayment on a wonderful home for myself and my partner of six years. There is a house being built next door right now and I’m watching the construction workers lay all of the rebar into place before pouring the concrete. They’re using PVC coated steel rebar tie wire and they’re being extremely careful while putting it into place to prevent damage to the coating. PVC epoxy coated rebar tie wire is used to prevent corrosion from moisture exposure. Since I live so close to the coast, this is a very real concern for all of us in this neighborhood. Thankfully my own house was built with zinc coated galvanized steel rebar tie wire, which is also corrosion resistant if any water soaks deep enough into the concrete foundation.

16g stainless rebar tie wire