My door and fence business makes money on rebar door handles and gates

I got my first taste of owning a business when I was 12 years old selling old video games on Ebay.

I hated that the video game store in the mall would give the lowest possible rates when you’d sell or trade in old video games you didn’t want any longer.

That’s what pushed me onto Ebay during the early years of the website. I remember clearly my first transaction as a seller on Ebay during that time. I had a video game that the store in the mall offered to buy for 25 cents while it ended up selling for a whopping $10 on ebay during a public auction. This lit a fire underneath me that was a huge push for me to sell even more products on the website, slowly building a small business along the way. Somehow this evolved into the fence and door business that I have today. When I got to college I studied iron working and welding before finding work making fences and stair railings out of iron and steel rebar wire. Now that I own a small business doing the same thing, I make a lot of money on these custom rebar door handles and gates because our clients love how they look. It’s a great money maker because the rebar isn’t hard to forge and weld, and the finished result looks like a much more expensive piece than it really is when you calculate the cost of the materials and the time it takes to make them. I buy all of my coils of rebar tie wire from the same dealers who sell to building contractors making concrete structures, businesses, and residences.



Forming wire made in USA