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My dad and I own a recycling business.

My dad started the business as a salvage business and then I thought we should buy a junkyard.

I got a loan for the junkyard and started a recycling business. We had plenty of room to take in all kinds of different items. We started accepting black, plastic, cardboard, and any other item that someone wanted to get rid of. We had old cars and tractors in the lot. We had pieces of iron and metal all over the place. We were getting junk right and left. We had piles of junk that were higher than the privacy chain link fence. Eventually we had to recycle the items and send some of them to different places. One thing that we could not recycle on the property was stainless steel, iron, and rebar. All of these items have to be bundled together in order to be shipped to the company that will melt everything down. We have to secure all of the items when they are shipped. Some of these pieces of metal are jagged. It’s important that we have a tie wire that is strong, durable, and flexible. It needs to secure the products firmly in place. We use a heavy duty galvanized rebar tie wire to secure everything. The galvanized rebar tie wire is easy to manipulate. We wrap the galvanized rebar tie wire around the bundles three or four times. We use double-ended loop ties to secure everything in place. The galvanized rebar tie wire works really great for projects like these.

Zinc coated Double loop ties