I now know why I have to use rebar wire

I recently went to my private school reunion as well as it was interesting to say the least, however it was rather bizarre though because there was a dress code for all the guys… The people I was with and I all had to wear ties! I don’t suppose why the two of us had to wear ties, it made no sense to me but I really wanted to go, so I had to go out as well as buy some ties, but once at the reunion it was good to see everyone again after so numerous years.

It was rather interesting to see what became of everyone. There was a single thing that went wrong though. It was with the sound plan the DJ was using. It kept going out because of some loose wire in the system, but no matter what he did, he could not get the wire to stay in where it needed to be so the speakers kept playing the songs. It got a bit annoying after a while because sporadically the wire to the sound plan would make a loud buzz noise. That on top of the fact that all us men were having to wear ties was just truly messed up. I did have a rather fine time as well as did find humor in both the DJ’s wire to the sound plan going out as well as the fact that all the men were wearing ties care about it was some supplier meeting at a business! I will consistently remember this reunion. If not for being able to see old friends from back when, but for having to wear stupid ties as well as the DJ having all of those technical complications with the wire in his sound system!


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