I sold the Jacksonville home to buy the boat

I wanted to buy a boat, plus I saw a lot of good looking ones on the market.

I didn’t want to spend seventy grand on a new boat with new boat troubles, so I looked at some of the older boats listed for sale by the owner.

One particular fishing boat with seats for 8 passengers came up in my listings. There weren’t many pictures of the boat, so I didn’t ask for more information. A few afternoons later, I was looking at boats again plus I noticed the same boat with more pictures plus better details. I wanted to meet with the boat owner and get more information. I called the telephone number listed online plus agreed to meet at the marina later that afternoon. I loved the boat. It was really well kept plus in good shape. The motors were practically brand new with less than fifty hours of usage. The only thing I didn’t like was the price plus the owner would not budge at all. I knew the boat was worth every penny plus absolutely a few thousand more than the woman wanted, but I only had so much liquid money. In order to pay for the boat, I had to sell a home in Jacksonville. I have three rental houses in Jacksonville plus a couple of lots. I sold the lot to a money property buyer in the city who was looking to diversify her portfolio. The sale took undoubtedly little time, thanks to the money buyer process plus I took the boat property about a week later.

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