The pallet rack supplier handled everything

It was my task to tell all of the employees that my associate and I were going to be moving to a brand up-to-date location 15 miles away, but i did not want to be the lady to tell all the people the bad news, but a lot of people were walking to work & 15 miles is a pretty sizable change.

I wanted my boss to tell all the people about the move, but she insisted the news would be better coming from the plant manager instead of the vice president, however when I told all of my crew, they were undoubtedly exasperated & a couple of people quit, the rest of the crew decided to stay with the supplier, however one of the first things that my associate and I had to do in order to move to the up-to-date location was move the inventory.

All of the inventory is set up on pallet racks, pallet racks are wonderful for storing goods in an organized manner. They optimize the amount of storage space in a facility & provide for efficient inventory management. I contacted a pallet rack move supplier in Duval county to help me with all of the uprights, beams, & accessories. I did not have the manpower or the moveation to move all of the pallet racks to the up-to-date location. It was quite valuable to get the Jacksonville pallet rack move supplier to move us to the up-to-date location, but they took everything down & set everything up. All of the racks were completely assembled & ready to go, my associate and I did not have to worry about replacement problems or problems, because the pallet rack move supplier handled every single detail. They set up the racks in the exact locale they were supposed to be & in the dimensions that were specified ahead of time.

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