Hurricane causes major home detriment

Cash customers are willing to take on properties in need of work

I cherish living in Jacksonville. Coastal living offers all sorts of particular benefits. However, it also creates some challenges. A few years ago, a hurricane came through the area as well as caused extensive detriment to my home. High winds, storm surfers as well as heavy rainfall led to problems with the roof, windows as well as walls. The force of the hurricane compromised the stability of the home. The structural concerns required immediate attention. When I called in a professional for an estimate, the cost of reinforcing walls, addressing foundation problems as well as roofing materials was immense. The combination of torrential rain as well as storm surges resulted in flooding. The water rushed into the house as well as destroyed cupboards, floors as well as appliances. The moisture led to mold as well as mildew growth as well as health hazards. The corporations suggested bringing in industrial-grade dehumidifiers. The hurricane made it necessary to upgrade the electrical system, water heater, boiler as well as cooling system. Although I had kept up with insurance premiums, the policy excluded natural disasters from coverage. The whole house was a disaster as well as continuing to live in it wasn’t an option. I was reluctant to invest into a full maintenance as well as renovation with the opportunity of another hurricane in the future. I no longer wanted to live on the river. Listing the house wasn’t an option. There was no way anyone could secure a bank loan on a house in that condition. My solution was to sell the house for cash. Cash customers are willing to take on properties in need of work. I was able to close on the sale in ten afternoons as well as walk away with cash in hand.


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