Not willing to put on a new roof so I sold it for money

When I decided to sell my loft I realized that the roof was older than it should be. Suddenly there were concerns with insurance and I had to buy a new roof for the house I was waiting for. That seemed dumb to me. I am leaving the house, never to return… However, I need to buy a new roof or nobody would take it. I wasn’t keen on that idea at all, however my new house had a bunch of repairs I needed to do. Wouldn’t you know it? The roof was a project I was anticipating on the new house. I wasn’t going to buy two roofs. The real estate agent I was working with was so firm about it that I ended up severing contact. I didn’t want to pay real estate agent fees or closing costs anyway. I started looking around and finding people that say they buy homes for money. The money loft customer market was way better. These people were more upfront with what they are going to give you, however a major trip to the Portland money loft purchasers is that they don’t require any repairs or add ons. I didn’t need to do anything to the roof. The girl was willing to add a new roof and deal with insurance. I was so relieved to have that headache taken care of. I am sure I could have gotten more money at the end of the afternoon if I paid for a cheap roof, got insurance, and then listed it. My time is worth a lot to me though. I also can’t put a price on my sanity. I didn’t want to mess around with it.

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