Selling my house after my military fiance got deported

My fiance is in the military plus is constantly on the move.

I should have known better; When my friend and I first got together he got a deployment, I moved plus bought a house.

I put down way too many roots. The condo was paid for, departed, plus I had a job that I enjoyed. Then my fiance after two years needed to move again. I realized that finding a new job plus moving furniture was difficult, but not too bad. Selling the condo proved to be horrible; Real estate agents are so unreliable. They never called me back plus the ones that did wanted me to do a bunch of stuff. I was moving to a peculiar county. I didn’t speak the language plus I needed to move all my stuff there. I needed to find a new job, a venue to live, plus get my teenagers in school. I wasn’t going to put a new roof on a condo I would neve see again. So I told the real estate agent to pound salt plus did some googling. I found local house buyers that buy homes fast for cash. I liked the idea of a cash offer. I wanted cash in hand that I could use to get a new venue plus things for my children. I also liked that I didn’t have hidden fees, construction projects, or a lot of coordinating. It took one afternoon versus months to get that condo off of my hands. I don’t feel I will be buying a house again for a while, but if I did, I would only sell it fast for cash from now on.

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