Looked for a cash buyer that would take both of our houses at the same time

I am just not a city girl at all.

My friends all lived in Jacksonville though.

So it made sense to buy a place in the heart of the city so I could be near everyone. At first it was really nice. We could all bike to the various shops and restaurants. We were able to stay at each other’s homes, drink, and then walk home. The bars were right there and meeting men was so easy. After every one of us got married, we have since moved away. I was the last girl standing. It was ironic since I didn’t like city living the most. Now that I am married, my husband and I are looking to buy a house together. We each own a place in Jax, Florida but want to move further south. We found a great southern plantation that would work ideally for our jobs and future. The cost is quite high though. In order to afford it we need a hefty downpayment. We figured selling our two places to buy one would work. The issue is that listing a place and someone buying it takes forever. We didn’t want to lose out on our dream home. We also wanted to sell our homes at the same time. Finding a Florida cash home buyer was the better choice for our situation. Cash for home buyers just gives a price and we sign papers. We were willing to take our places both to make matters even easier. It made it so we could sell and buy a new place in under a month.
sell my inherited house