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  • I made a bookshelf by using rebar wire as the frame and wood planks for the shelves

    I wanted to learn welding in middle school, but my parents were pragmatic and bought me a soldering iron to get started. I remember buying spools of wire and I would solder sculptures to depict figurines and shapes, all held together with metal solder. Before long, I became proficient with a soldering iron and even […]

  • I put the 16 gauge wire through the machine

    I got a pretty superb job toiling at a place that makes chain connect fences. It’s a factory job, but I earn a superb salary plus I get benefits enjoy health, dental, plus vision. The place even has a retirement program that matches up to 3%. The building where I work is always actually loud. […]

  • The art project required 316 stainless steel and 16 gauge rebar tie wire

    I spent 4 years in the Navy and I was very happy to serve my country. After I left the military, I found myself with PTSD and a lot of painful memories. I went to a therapist and she told me to come up with a way to help get rid of the images I […]

  • The new company will ship same day on certain purchases

    My dad and I own a recycling business. My dad started the business as a salvage business and then I thought we should buy a junkyard. I got a loan for the junkyard and started a recycling business. We had plenty of room to take in all kinds of different items. We started accepting black, […]

  • The PVC coated tie wire is easier on soft goods

    We use a lot of stainless steel tie wire on the building yard. The building yard is more than 50,000 square feet of various building supplies. We stopped everything necessary for commercial and residential building projects. We have everything for flooring like tile, carpeting, vinyl, and marcite. We carry everything necessary for building projects like […]

  • The storage locker rent is going up

    Apparently the storage unit rent is going to go up in 2 weeks I own a construction company plus both of us use a lot of weird supplies in the job. All of the supplies have to be kept anywhere. I always have supplies on hand just in case both of us occasion up a […]