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  • I forgot to order the 16 gauge PVC coated ties

    I am the lady in charge of making sure that all of us have all of the materials necessary to complete the jobs that are stressed each and every week. I was an ironworker for 10 years before I got hurt on the job and I have been laboring in an office since the accident […]

  • The crew left metal parts all over the construction site

    After the ground has been cleared, the concrete and rebar crew shows up to start building what will turn into be the show of the building, bar, or steakhouse. I work with a crew that handles all the finishing touches after the concrete and rebar crew has finished. My boss had a deal with a […]

  • There is no A/C in the rebar wire ties plant

    When the weather is warm and humid, I really don’t want to go to work. The A/C unit does not work really well and neither does the ventilation system. The ventilation idea is supposed to keep all of the metal particles out of the air and out of our respiratory system. Unfortunately, it really doesn’t […]

  • The two of us had to fill 2,000 orders on that day

    Last week, I was laboring at the factory and all of us had a immense problem. I have been employed at the factory for the past 10 years and I have never had a complication reaching our quota. The two of us are supposed to fill 2,000 orders every single day. These orders include a […]

  • The construction crew ordered more than two weird sizes of rebar wire ties

    I knew all of us were going to go through a lot of rebar wire ties on the upcoming job, so I made sure to order more than two weird sizes. I wasn’t exactly sure what all of us would use, even though I knew that the extra items would be unbelievable resting on a […]

  • I met the guys after work for some fishing

    My friends and I love to go fishing. One of the best times of the day to catch fish is during the morning hours. When the sun is coming up, the fish really like to bite hard. I haven’t had a lot of time for fishing during the last couple of months, because I have […]