Pokespective Part 2: Going for the Gold, Silver and Crystal

For the longest time, I thought-about the second era video games my favourite. Whereas this opinion has shifted significantly over the about 15 years since Pokemon Gold and Silver’s2000 launch, it nonetheless reveals a marked enchancment from the primary era video games.

The followup to Pokemon Pink and Blue had a momentous process forward of it. Pink and Bluemade Pokemon successful and Yellow solely fed the monster that was the media empire of Pokemon. How have been Nintendo and Sport Freak going to do it? How have been they going to make a sequel to Pokemon that provides to the collection and makes us need to catch all of them once more?

In brief, they did it by really writing a narrative for the primary gen video games.

Pokemon video games all comply with a primary premise. You, a rookie coach, have been given a Pokemon and also you’ve got down to turn out to be the best coach within the area and alongside the best way, you combat off a prison group hell bent on doing one thing on this area.

In some ways, Gold and Silver are retreads of Pink andBlue, however much less out of being lazy and extra for the sake of venerating Pink’s journey via the Kanto area. To at the present time, this recreation is a part of the explanation Gen I’s protagonist is seen by followers as the last word champion and one of many biggest trainers ever. That is a whole recreation devoted to speaking about how superior the final recreation was. And it really works.

Set three years after Pink and Blue in Johto, the area simply to the west of Gen I’s Kanto, the sport opens with native scientist Professor Elm loaning you a Pokemon (decisions are Cyndaquil, a fireplace sort, Chikorita, a grass sort and Totodile, a water sort) and sending you on an errand to retrieve a Pokemon egg from his acquaintance.

From there, you run into Professor Oak, who provides you a Pokedex and you discover out that somebody has stolen one of many Pokemon that you just didn’t select (naturally the one sturdy in opposition to your alternative). At this level, the plot strikes into the anticipated Pokemon plot. You journey round Johto, gather badges and combat Staff Rocket once more.

Why this works is the respect for continuity it reveals. The story is much less a retread of the primary recreation and extra about exploring the aftermath of the primary recreation. Sure, Gold travels his dwelling area to combat the gymnasium leaders, however that’s as a result of that’s the trail that each one trainers making an attempt to beat the Pokemon League take. Sure, Gold fights Staff Rocket, however they’re clearly not at full energy and making an attempt to rebuild after Pink defeated them three years prior.

There are, mainly, three storylines happening in Gold and Silver. The primary is the aforementioned quest for the eight badges to the Pokemon League. Right here, the primary antagonist is Silver, who stole one of many starter Pokemon.

Silver acts as the first antagonist for the sport. He’s your rival and is the one recurring enemy that you just face via your total journey. His plot is basically the identical as Blue’s was within the final recreation. He’s a jerk who solely cares about energy, however spends the overwhelming majority of the sport making an attempt to determine why a “weakling” like Gold is ready to continuously win in opposition to him.

The second storyline has two facets to it, the combat in opposition to Staff Rocket and seeing the aftermath of Pink’s journey.

The explanation I depend these issues collectively is that the sport makes it clear that Staff Rocket is just not at full energy, having solely not too long ago reformed after Pink defeated Giovanni three years prior. As such, Staff Rocket’s total motivation is that they need to show themselves to Giovanni so he’ll return from wherever he drifted off to and lead them as soon as extra.

All through the journey, each the place you go, Gold hears Pokemon Black GBA Download about and is in comparison with Pink. It makes it very clear that Pink defeated Staff Rocket. It talks about how Pink was a prodigal coach that took the Indigo League by storm. The sport treats Pink as, not simply the good coach he was in Gen I, however the biggest coach.

In lesser fingers, this type of writing can be detrimental and simply make the participant surprise, if Pink is so nice, why aren’t they enjoying the final recreation. Right here, nonetheless, it really works as a result of they nonetheless remembered to provide Gold his personal successes that put him on the identical stage as Pink.

The largest approach Sport Freak managed that is by integrating the brand new Legendary Pokemon into the story. Later video games would make this the A plot, however right here its rather more low key and a aspect story to the opposite plots. In actual fact, there are only some moments the place the Legendary Pokemon play any function.

The primary is when Gold first arrives at Ecruteak Metropolis, the participant has the choice to go to one of many Johto area’s main landmarks, the Burnt Tower, which had been burned down lengthy earlier than the sport began. When the participant makes it into the basement of the remnants of the tower, there are three beast statues. These awaken into the Legendary Beasts, Entei, Raikou and Suicune. They then run exterior of the tower and could be encountered at random within the wild for the rest of the sport till they’re caught.

To at the present time, the one one of many beasts I’ve caught encountering them within the wild was Raikou… and even then, it wasn’t till I used to be enjoying Heartgold in 2011, hatching a Cyndaquil for a buddy.

The opposite set of Legendary Pokemon are literally on the covers of Gold and Silver. They’re Ho-Oh and Lugia, respectively. Nonetheless certainly one of my favourite units of Legendary Pokemon… although that could be nostalgia speaking.