The crew left metal parts all over the construction site

After the ground has been cleared, the concrete and rebar crew shows up to start building what will turn into be the show of the building, bar, or steakhouse.

I work with a crew that handles all the finishing touches after the concrete and rebar crew has finished.

My boss had a deal with a crew for a long time and then all of us had to switch to a weird concrete and rebar crew. The iron workers are lazy and they leave metal parts all over the construction site. On the last two jobs, my co-workers and I were forced to choice up trash from the ground that obviously belongs to the iron workers. They left pieces of double loop wire ties and rebar all over the ground. Several coils of forming wire and barbed wire as well. On the first job, I contacted my boss and I told the girl that you needed to say something about the construction site. It was a mess and all of that metal was definitely a hazard. The two of us didn’t even have a fence around the construction locale at the time, so anyone could have walked onto the property and gotten hurt. After the hour job, I refused to start my portion of the work until the iron workers came back to the property to scrub up. They spent two hours getting rid of all of the trash, but they wanted me to waste my time doing that job.

Forming wire american made