The PVC coated tie wire is easier on soft goods

We use a lot of stainless steel tie wire on the building yard. The building yard is more than 50,000 square feet of various building supplies. We stopped everything necessary for commercial and residential building projects. We have everything for flooring like tile, carpeting, vinyl, and marcite. We carry everything necessary for building projects like screws, nails, bored, two-by-fours, shingles, and insulation. We also have a number of different supplies for outdoor projects, gardening, and landscaping. We use a lot of stainless steel tie wire when we are bundling these objects and shipping them to various locations across the country. We recently switched to a PVC coated tie wire. It is much easier on soft goods. The poly vinyl chloride covered stainless steel wire doesn’t cut into the products that we move. For instance, the PVC coated tie wire is much easier on bags of mulch, potting soil, and concrete mix. If we don’t use a PVC coated product, the stainless steel tie wire cuts through the bags and causes damage to the product. The PVC coated tie wire is much easier on the bags and there is much less damage during shipping. Before we switched to the new product, we were losing 100 or $200 with every shipment because of damaged products. Now that we use the softer tie wire and double loop ties, we rarely have customer complaints about the products arriving damaged after the shipment. The PVC coated wire tie is relatively the same price as our other tie wire, so we didn’t have to spend a fortune to save the extra money.

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