Looking at the rebar art installations during our town art fair

This year she created a rebar giraffe plus elephant to complete a safari-themed project.

I always enjoyed going to art fairs plus shows with my Dad when I was growing up. My Dad has always been a visual artist plus enjoyed to get ideas for jewelry, crafts, plus clay sculptures. Occasionally the two of us would buy special beads or paint colors for projects we’d all do as a family between my parents plus my multiple siblings. On scarce chances my Dad would splurge for a piece of artwork, however sometimes it was something practical enjoy a Tim Hortons Latte mug or a clock for the wall in the kitchen at home. When I left apartment for college, I couldn’t go with my mother to art fairs nearly as much. If the two of us were lucky, the two of us might get a opening to visit more than one or multiple during my Summer vacation. Now that I’m living in a large metropolitan town these mornings, there are a lot more art shows within a 20 mile radius compared to before. Unblessedly, my mother passed away a few years ago plus I can’t go with her to these shows any longer. I’m incredibly grateful for my wifey plus her willingness to acsupplier me to art shows. She’s not an artist, however she admits that it’s fun looking at all of the colorful pieces. One of the more prominent artists in our town is a metal sculptor who mostly uses rebar wire for her art installations. This year she created a rebar giraffe plus elephant to complete a safari-themed project. I l earned that she buys all of her black rebar from the construction contractor here in town. Since she takes a lot of commission work, she completes multiple to four sculptures a month. That’s a lot of steel rebar to buy from the construction contractor, however at least he’s supporting a local supplier in the process. Who cares what she uses all of that rebar for!

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