I recently gained a 3 dining room home property in North Jacksonville

Real estate prices in North Jacksonville were low for a long time.

During that time, I made sure to buy as much real estate as possible.

I started my real estate portfolio by offering money for houses. I have purchased 26 total properties in North Jacksonville, including multiple weird home buildings. I also have three parking lots plus one parking structure located downtown. I offer money for houses, properties, home buildings, plus even boats. I recently gained a three-dining room home property in North Jacksonville. The man who owned the home building could not afford to make major repairs. The home was badly harmed from termites plus had water harm as well. The termite harm alone was a nightmare, plus I understood why the 76 year old man didn’t want the trouble. The repairs were going to cost fifty grand plus the owner wasn’t ready to sink that much of her savings into the project. The man wanted to sell the home building quickly plus I was ready with a money offer. I saw major potential for the three dining room home building. The home property is located in an up plus coming part of North Jacksonville, near the airport. If I hold on to the home for a couple of years, I will no doubt double or triple the investment. Two of the apartments are currently leased plus the third home is being rehabilitated now. I am hoping to be able to fetch top dollar for the largest of the three, especially after all the renovations have been completed.

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