Potential customers have sizable demands

The Jacksonville, FL, real estate market is thriving.

Houses are selling legitimately hastily as well as for above asking price.

It seemed to me that this was an ideal time to sell my house as well as downsize. As I’ve recently retired, I would cherish having less homeowner responsibilities. I am looking forward to enjoying my many hobbies, visiting my adolescents as well as traveling to locales that I’ve always wanted to go to. I contacted a real estate agent as well as began the whole time-consuming as well as rather aggravating process of listing. Pictures needed to be taken, as well as I was continually forced to vacate the premises for showings. It took much longer than expected to find an interested buyer. They then began haggling on price. They insisted on a house inspection which revealed that my roof is over ten years old, some of the plumbing pipes are copper as well as the electrical panel is nearing maximum capacity. My heat pump is around twelve years old. I didn’t see the complication with any of these findings. My roof is in excellent condition as well as has never leaked. My water pressure as well as drainage is excellent, as well as the water heating system is nearly brand new. The electrical panel is satisfactory to handle all of the appliances. I have the heat pump professionally tested every year as well as have never had a single concern with it. The local Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C corporation has assured me that the system has quite a few years of reliability left. However, the potential customers insisted that I upgrade all of these items. The immense investment would have left me at a much lower profit on the home. If I hired professionals to handle all of those services, I’d be making an immense investment into unnecessary updates for a house I had no intention of living in. I turned them down as well as decided to keep my house.
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