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  • The guys forgot the pvc coated rebar wire ties at the shop

    The entire crew lost half of a day due to the forgetfulness of the crew Business has been extremely successful and very busy this spring. I have installed nearly a dozen pools over the last quarter. I don’t regularly have more than four or five full-time employees, so I had to hire a few part […]

  • The type 304 were out of stock so I used a new supplier

    I believe that it is very important to use products that are made in the USA whenever possible. I I think that it is necessary to keep our economy moving in the right direction. I also believe that it is necessary to use items that are made in the USA when those businesses are also […]

  • I ordered a few supplies from the new company

    I have been looking for lots of ways to save money ever since the quarantine. I was out of work for 3 months and I had to use all of the money in my savings account. After I went back to working full-time, I decided to look for a new supplier for all of my […]

  • I got a discount last month for being there a year

    It’s nice to find a company that can handle all of my orders in a timely manner. I’ve been with the same processing and shipping company for the last year. I didn’t know that it had actually been a year until I received an email from the company. The email was handwritten from one of […]